How to get PSP Codes

PSP Codes are cheats that you can use with your favourite PSP games to help you get the most out of your PSP games. PSP codes can be hard to come accross but I have found a great solution to this problem.

PSP codes can help you explore new avenues of your favourite PSP games and get the most out of your PSP games.

If you want to find PSP codes easily, the best method I have found is to join a PSP game subscription service which has loads of PSP codes as well as lots of great PSP games, music, movies and more to play on your PSP. The benefit of joining a PSP subscription is that you can legally download PSP games, PSP codes, movies, music and more legally without the risk of viruses attached with illegal, poor quality PSP game and PSP code downloads. The subscription is also very inexpensive and will help you save a lot of money on your favourite PSP games!

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Questions and Answers Re: PSP Codes:

#  How do I put a cheat codes on tiger woods pga o7 for psp?

I have alot of cheat codes for tiger woods pga 07 for psp but i dont know how you put them... Cheats List Go to Options and select the Password command. Capsense is not applicable. THREESTRIPES...

# Can anyone help i need PSP codes for sims 2 pets?

hi does anyone ANY decent cheats for psp sims 2 ty for any help ... I recommend going onto, they have great codes for this game and all games.

# I have bought my son a psp & got the action replay for the cheat codes for him how do i get the codes?

I have been on codejunkies but dont really understand what i have to do please help distraught mother. think you need at least 2 gig. As to the codes if he plays. game he can hopefully...

# silent hill origins psp..cheat codes?

Has anyone a cheat code for invincibility or anything cheers! ... Main Cheat Codes NOTE: These...Codebreaker: Do the Konami Code during your second...

# Cheats or codes for psp game 300;march to glory?

# what is the codes for toca race driver 2 on psp?

my bonus code is 1047 so please could you tell me what the codes... with a few access codes, you can change damage. Access code 0956 YHXQNSYX: All...

# can you use cheat codes in disney cars on PSP?

I cant find the menu where to enter them so i'm thinking maybe you cant (my 6 year old son is... i don't believe there is a cheat mode, i recommend surfing the net and looking through different...

# where can i find cheat codes for NBA live 07 for psp?

... go to or as it is known now they have...